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Camellia Grove

In November 1957 Sir Giles and Lady Loder decided to thin out some oaks in an area of Leonardslee Garden. Along the cleared bank a zigzag of paths was created and planted with several hundred varieties of Camellia.
A few oaks were spared the axe to provide shade and shelter for their exciting new project.

Looking at their project 50 years later, you can see how their impressive plan has produced an area that allows the varying shades of the japonica and x williamsii hybrids to grow together naturally.

If you were to continue to wander through the gardens at Leonardslee you would find a variety of magnificent Camellias planted over the years by many generations of the Loder family. The present generation plan to continue adding to the collection with some new and exciting varieties of Camellia.

Most of the plants available at our nursery are taken from cuttings of the plants in Camellia Grove and the rest of the garden at  Leonardslee Gardens.

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