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Camellias : All Varieties : T
This is a complete list of all our camellia varieties (species and hybrids). Please use the menus on the left to find more specialized lists if you are looking for something in particular.

Total varieties listed in this category : 42

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Colour : Bright Red, Single Flowers with Golden Stamens
Flowers : Spring

Tama Electra
Colour : Scarlet, Single, Small
Flowers : Spring

Tama Vino
Colour : Red Centre, Pale Edges, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Colour : White/pink, Small, Formal Double
Flowers : Spring

Tanya Tanya
Colour : Deep Rose-pink, Small, Single, Low-grower
Flowers : Autumn - Winter

Tanzin Coull
Colour : Rich Pink, Peony-form
Flowers : Spring

Colour : Soft Pink. Medium, Single, Large Petals
Flowers : Spring

Tarokaja Tarokaja
Colour : Pink, Single with Golden Stamens
Flowers : early to mid-Spring

Taylor Taylor's Perfection
Colour : Light Pink, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Teresa Ragland Teresa Ragland
Colour : Deep Coral Pink with White Stamens
Flowers : Spring

The Czar
Colour : Light Crimson. Large, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

The Pilgrim
Colour : Cream White. Large, Peony Form
Flowers : Spring

Thelma Dale
Colour : Phlox Pink. Semi-double/rose-form
Flowers : Spring

Theo's Mini
Colour : Dainty, Semi-double to Anemone-form, Rose Pink
Flowers : Mid/late Spring

Tick Tock
Colour : White, Cherry Red Markings, Large Peony-form
Flowers : Spring

Tick Tock Blush
Colour : Blush Pink, Striped and Flecked Cherry Red
Flowers : early - mid Spring

Tickled Pink Tickled Pink
Colour : Fluorescent Pink, Loose Peony Form
Flowers : early to mid-Spring

Tiffany Tiffany
Colour : Light Orchid Pink, Deeper Pink At Edge, Peony-form
Flowers : Spring

Tinker Bell
Colour : White Striped Pink, Small, Anemone Form
Flowers : Spring

Tinsie Two
Colour : Rosy Red Petals, Pink Anemone-form Centre
Flowers : Spring

Tiny Bell
Colour : Salmon Pink. Semi-double to Loose Anemone Form
Flowers : Spring

Tiny Princess Tiny Princess
Colour : White, Pink Shading, Miniature Semi-double/peony
Flowers : Spring

Tiptoe Tiptoe
Colour : Silvery Pink Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Tom Cat Tom Cat
Colour : Light Rose Pink, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Tom Knudson Tom Knudson
Colour : Dark Red, Large, Rose to Formal Double, Velvety
Flowers : Spring

Tom Pouce
Colour : Pink, White Edge, Formal Double, Smallish
Flowers : Spring

Tom Thumb Tom Thumb
Colour : Pink, White Edge, Formal Double, Smallish
Flowers : Spring

Colour : Strawberry Red, Semi-double to Full Peony Form
Flowers : Spring

Tomorrow Park Hill
Colour : Large, Semi-double, Soft Pink, Darker Edges.
Flowers : early to mid-Spring

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