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Camellias : All Varieties : D
This is a complete list of all our camellia varieties (species and hybrids). Please use the menus on the left to find more specialized lists if you are looking for something in particular.

Total varieties listed in this category : 63

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Colour : Bright Poppy Red, Anemone Form
Flowers : Spring

Doctor Lee
Colour : Dark Red, Semi-double, Showy
Flowers : Spring

Dom Carlos Fernando
Colour : Creamy Rose Pink, Paler Centre, Formal Double
Flowers : Spring

Dona Herzilia de Freitas Magalhaes Dona Herzilia de Freitas Magalhaes
Colour : Large, Semi-double to Anemone-form, Red
Flowers : Spring

Dona Jane Andresson Dona Jane Andresson
Colour : Deep Rose Pink, Rose/formal Double, Fimbricated.
Flowers : Spring

Donation Donation
Colour : Orchid Pink. Large, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Donckelaeri Donckelaeri
Colour : Red, Marbled White, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Colour : Dark Red, Semi-double/loose Peony
Flowers : Spring

Donna Kaye
Colour : Orange-red, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Dorothy James Dorothy James
Colour : White/blush Pink, Formal Double
Flowers : Spring

Dr Balthazar de Mello Dr Balthazar de Mello
Colour : White, Red Stripes, Rose-form, Fringed
Flowers : Spring

Dr Burnside Dr Burnside
Colour : Blood Red, Medium-large, Semi-double/peony
Flowers : Spring

Dr Clifford Parks Dr Clifford Parks
Colour : Coral-scarlet, Semi-double to Peony-form
Flowers : Spring

Dr Louis Polizzi Dr Louis Polizzi
Colour : Pale Pink, Semi-double/peony-form
Flowers : Spring

Dr Tinsley
Colour : Very Pale Pink/deeper Pink Edge, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Drama Girl Drama Girl
Colour : Deep Salmon Rose Pink, Very Large, Semi-double
Flowers : mid - spring

Drama Girl Var
Colour : Deep Salmon Rose Pink Blotched White, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Dream Boat
Colour : Bright Lavender-pink, Formal Double
Flowers : March - April

Dream Castle Dream Castle
Colour : Silvery Pink, Semi-double, Large
Flowers : Spring

Dream Girl
Colour : Satin-pink, Semi-double, Large
Flowers : Winter - Spring

Duarte de Oliveira
Colour : Scarlet, Formal Double, Large
Flowers : Spring

Duc de Bretagne
Colour : Cherry Red, Rose-form
Flowers : Spring

Duchess of Buccleugh
Colour : Soft Pink, Striped, Double
Flowers : Spring

Duchess of Cornwall Duchess of Cornwall
Colour : Pink, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Duchesse de Normandie Duchesse de Normandie
Colour : White, Large, Double, Imbricated
Flowers : Spring

Duchesse Decazes Duchesse Decazes
Colour : Flesh Pink/edged White, Peony-form
Flowers : Spring

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