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Camellias : All Hybrids : E

Total varieties listed in this category : 46

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Colour : Pink. Semi-double, Large.

Early Pearly
Colour : White, Formal Double..
Flowers : Autumn - Winter

Easter Morn Easter Morn
Colour : Pale Pink, Peony Form
Flowers : Spring

Colour : White, Large Semi-double to Anemone-form

Edelweiss Edelweiss
Colour : Exquisite Large White Double, Informal/peony-form
Flowers : early to mid-Spring

Edith Linton
Colour : Pink/silvery Pink Shades, Semi-double

Edwin H Folk Edwin H Folk
Colour : Bright Red, Semi-double, Large

EGWaterhouse EGWaterhouse
Colour : Light Pink. Medium, Formal Double
Flowers : Mid to late Spring

El Dorado El Dorado
Colour : Pale Pink,semi-double to Peony
Flowers : Spring

Eleanor Hagood Eleanor Hagood
Colour : Pale Pink, Formal Double. Vigorous, Upright Grower

Elegans Elegans
Colour : Rose Pink, Large, Anemone Form
Flowers : Early Spring

Elegans Champagne
Colour : White with a Cream Centre
Flowers : Spring

Elegans Splendor
Colour : Light Pink Edged White with Deep Petal Serrations

Elegans Supreme
Colour : Rose Pink with Very Deep Petal Serrations

Elegant Beauty Elegant Beauty
Colour : Deep Rose, Large Anemone-form
Flowers : mid spring

Elfin Rose
Colour : Pink, Anemone-form
Flowers : Autumn - Winter

Colour : White, Some Pale Pink Stripes, Formal Double

Elizabeth Anderson Elizabeth Anderson
Colour : Rich Pink, Formal Double, Upright Grower
Flowers : Spring

Elizabeth Bolitho Elizabeth Bolitho
Colour : Pink, Single
Flowers : Spring

Elizabeth de Rothschild Elizabeth de Rothschild
Colour : Rose-pink, Semi-double. Upright Grower.
Flowers : Spring

Elizabeth Dowd Elizabeth Dowd
Colour : White, Anemone-form
Flowers : Spring

Elizabeth Hawkins Elizabeth Hawkins
Colour : Red, Peony-form
Flowers : Spring

Elizabeth le Bey
Colour : Light Pink, Peony-form. Rapid, Spreading Grower

Ellen Sampson
Colour : Rose Pink, Semi-double, Large

Elsie Jury Elsie Jury
Colour : Pink Shaded Orchid Overtone, Full Peony-form
Flowers : mid - late spring

Emmett Barnes Emmett Barnes
Colour : Large Pure White, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Emmett Pfingstl Emmett Pfingstl
Colour : Dark Red and White, Medium to Large, Semi-double
Flowers : Spring

Colour : Red, Peony-form, Large. Spreading Grower

Emperor of Russia
Colour : Scarlet, Peony Form. Compact Grower

Eric Baker
Colour : White, Anemone/peony
Flowers : Spring

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