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Camellias : All Species : C

There are many Camellia species in the wild in Asia and they typically have large numbers of relatively small single white flowers with a special charm all of their own. They are perhaps best compared with the wild dog rose with its 5 petals and golden stamens. Their twigs are thin and bendy, so the plants are much less stiff, and their leaves are correspondingly more delicate.

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Camellia cuspidata Camellia cuspidata
Colour : Dainty white, single, golden stamens.
Flowers : Early Spring

Camellia fraterna
Colour : White dainty single flowers, slightly fragrant

Camellia grijsii Camellia grijsii
Colour : Single white, dainty and scented

Camellia grijsii Zhenzhu Cha
Colour : Small white flowers, double form
Flowers : early-mid Spring

Camellia lutchuensis
Colour : Delightful, dainty single white , richly scented
Flowers : Spring

Camellia oleifera Camellia oleifera
Colour : Dainty white single with golden stamens, scented
Flowers : Autumn

Camellia pitardii
Colour : Single pale pink to white.

Camellia pitardii hybrid Snippet
Colour : Semi-double, pink fading to white, golden stamens
Flowers : Spring

Camellia saluenensis Camellia saluenensis
Colour : Pink, various shades, single
Flowers : Spring

Camellia saluenensis Apple Blossom
Colour : White, pink flush, single
Flowers : Spring

Camellia sinensis The Tea bush Camellia sinensis The Tea bush
Colour : Dainty single white with golden stamens
Flowers : Autumn-Winter

Camellia transnokoensis Camellia transnokoensis
Colour : Dainty single white
Flowers : Spring

Camellia vernalis (japonica x sasanqua) Camellia vernalis (japonica x sasanqua)
Colour : White, single
Flowers : Spring

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