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Planting position.

Hydrangeas are rather easy plants to grow so choosing a location for a Hydrangea is not difficult. They are true survivors and can often be seen flowering in overgrown or neglected gardens. With a small amount of care they will do really well.

They prefer partial shade and would like to be sheltered from cold winds, which can frazzle new foliage during the spring. Their ideal is loamy, well-drained, acidic soil (pH 6.5 to 4.5) enriched liberally with organic matter. Hydrangeas are hardy to -20 degrees Celsius, although cold winds at -15 degrees Celsius will kill tender wood to the ground. They will often shoot from the stump.Late spring frosts can badly damage young growth.

Sun in the Morning and shade in the afternoon is perfect in inland areas, while on the coast, no shade is required. Remember that too much shade can inhibit flowering; too much hot sun and they are likely to scorch. They must have moist, well-drained soil to support those large flower heads, so avoid planting Hydrangeas on hot, dry, exposed sites.

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