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Leonardslee Rhododendrons 1926

Rh. fortunei X Rh. thomsonii. This improved Rh. Luscombeanum is an invaluable Rhododendron for all gardens. It flowers abundantly almost every year, possesses a large truss of waxy flowers, pale pearl-pink to deep red-pink, only a few shoeing purplish colour. This is a hybrid of the highest class, and is of the easiest culture. The reverse cross is not so fine in flower, but the foliage is better.

Rh. arboreum album X Rh. campylocarpum. This hybrid possesses the tall habit of the female parent and in the best examples the lovely colour of the male. About 10 per cent. Of the batch are very good, and 2 per cent. First-class.

Rh. thomsonii X Rh. barbatum. This is the Leonardslee form of Rh. shilsonii, a plant with splendid scarlet flowers in March and April, but without the dangerous fault of the Cornish hybrid which causes death or sickness after abundant flowering. A very even lot in which all are good.

Rh. thonsonii X Rh. arboreum (blood-red). Very similar to Mr. J. C. Williams´s hybrid of the same. It may be classed as the best early blood red in existence, but flowers too early for the Home Counties, although the plant is quite hardy.

Rh. Ascot Brilliant x Rh. Arboreum (blood-red). A very brilliant scarlet for April, with waxy flowers. Tender.

Rh. Ascot Brilliant x Rh. Thomsonii. Nearly as good as the last-named, and a great improvement on the old Rh. Ascot Brilliant; a fast grower and quite hardy. It flowers in April.

Rh. May Queen (Rh.fortunei hybrid). A very large truss of grand pink flowers in May. This is a hybrid of outstanding merit, although the habit and foliage are poor. There is only one large plant of this at Leonardslee, and a small one at Compton´s Brow.

Rh. Luscombe´s hybrid X Crimson seedling. A plant of tall habit, which carries brilliant scarlet flowers in early May.

Rh. Decorum x Rh. Griffithianum. Most of these hybrids have 6 waxy white flowers of good size, but one or two examples have 9-11 flowers of great beauty. Unfortunately, like many decorum hybrids, whole branches are apt to die, and the plant is not easy to grow with success.

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