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Azalea Golden Lights
Description: Light orange-yellow with strong fragrance. Very floriferous. Upright rounded habit. Northern Lights series, bred for hardiness. Sterile - no need to dead-head.
Parentage: atlanticum x Exbury hybrid
Ultimate Height: 1.5 meters after 10 years
Flowering Period: This plants flowers in the North Hemisphere around May
Availability:  This plant is not available. We are seeking plants of this form. Please contact us if you have it.

UK Zone
RHS Zone
H (Fully Hardy)
EGF Zone
US Zone
Min Temp
Colder than -29°C (-20°F)
Ironclads. These are the hardiest varieties suitable for the coldest areas suitable for growing rhododendrons, including parts of eastern Europe and much of inland eastern USA and Canada. Most are heat tolerant. (Please note.)
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