Rhododendron 'edgeworthii Hybrid'
Description: Beautiful open shrub. Fragrant white flushed pink flowers up to 9 cm across, Needs good drainage. Winter freeze kills flower buds. More hardy than typical edgeworthii; worth trying outdoors.
Parentage: edgeworthii Hybrid
Ultimate Height: 3.00 meters after 10 years
Flowering Period: This plants flowers in the North Hemisphere around April-May

UK Zone
RHS Zone
H (Fully Hardy)
EGF Zone
US Zone
Min Temp
-12C (10F)
Hardy outdoors in milder parts of UK (such as Cornwall, Argyll), southern Ireland, most of California, also west Vancouver Island, Canada, most of New Zealand, Tasmania. amaged in severest winters. Often early into flower and growth. (Please note.)