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Rhododendron montroseanum KW6261A Search For :   Tel: +44 (0)1403 891 412
Rhododendron montroseanum KW6261A
Description: A magnificent species. Compact when young, becoming more open and tree like with maturity. Leaves often 46cm long, dark green and slightly curved.. Dense trusses of pink flowers, with a pronounced crimson blotch.February-March.
Ultimate Height: 10.00 meters after 10 years
Flowering Period: This plants flowers in the North Hemisphere around February-March
Availability:  This plant is not available at present
UK Zone
RHS Zone
H (Fully Hardy)
EGF Zone
US Zone
Min Temp
-15°C (5°F)
Hardy in a sheltered site in most UK, Coastal France and northern Italy and Pacific Northwest gardens, but may be damaged in severest winters. Often early into flower and growth. (Please note.)
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