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Rhododendron kesangiae (from wild collected seed) Search For :   Tel: +44 (0)1403 891 412
Rhododendron kesangiae (from wild collected seed)
Description: Distinctive round buds and rugose foliage with white to buff indumentum below. Large trusses of splendid clear rose-pink flowers. New introduction from Bhutan, where it grows in fir forest and can cope with fairly swampy ground. Bark non-peeling.
Ultimate Height: 4.00 meters after 10 years
Flowering Period: This plants flowers in the North Hemisphere around April

UK Zone
RHS Zone
H (Fully Hardy)
EGF Zone
US Zone
Min Temp
-18°C (0°F)
Hardy in all but the coldest parts of Pacific Northwest and UK, France and northern Italy, around Bergen (Norway) and mildest parts of NE USA such as Cape Cod and parts of Long Island. (Please note.)
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